Unfortunately it has not yet been possible to develop these ideas in a precise way.

Via Jeremy Butterfield (possibly unintentionally) this one is J. S. Bell describing, in an utterly accessible way, the six main ways of understanding the relation between the wavy and particley nature of quantum mechanics, and between the quantum and the classical.  Three ways are “romantic”, weird and paradoxical; the other three are related unromantic but sensible stories.  It raises again, but utterly fails to offer an answer to, the most basic and frustating question I have about the interpretation of QM: why are we not all pilot-wavers? 

(The title is Bells response to Wegners dualist picture, on which it is the intervention of extra-physical minds that collapses wave functions and, for example, forces particles to choose locations.  I suppose non-UK people might think Bell was being neutral there.)

PS I couldn’t find a non-paywalled version.  Should anyone read this and want a copy of this or anything else: my email’s over on the left there.